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G-Shock x PLACES+FACES collaboration DW6900PF-1D

Introducing a new collaboration between G-SHOCK and Ciesay, the photographer who created the photograph and apparel project known as PLACES+FACES. This new collaboration model exemplifies the parallels between the PLACES+FACES spirit of constantly taking on new challenges, no matter what, and the spirit behind G-SHOCK development efforts. The base model is the internationally popular digital DW-6900 Series, with the PLACES+FACES logo imprinted on the band in reflective material that glows in the dark. A P+F logo also appears on the LCD when the EL backlight is turned on.

This new special collaboration model, which comes in special packaging, captures the essence of the spirit of G-SHOCK's constant and unending evolution and innovation.

Limited Edition Packaging

With only 40 models released in Australia, this limited release has the iconic Places + Faces logo present with every element for display.

Tough Cloth Band

The DW6900PF-1D Places + Faces collaborate model comes with a tough cloth band, made for ultimate comfort. 

Collaborative Design

This new special collaboration model captures the essence of the spirit of G-SHOCK's constant and unending evolution and innovation.

Reflective Logo The cloth band of this model features a reflective and glow in the dark Places + Faces logo. The flash effect the logo creates is inspired by photography duo Ciesay and Soulz, who were known for capturing London’s underground music scene in the nineties.

Electro-Luminescent Backlight

The Electro-Luminescent Backlight features Afterglow as well as the iconic Places + Faces logo in red. The button labels on the bezel feature glow-in-the-dark labels allowing for easier legibility.

25 Years of the DW6900

Reworking the DW6900, Places + Faces sought inspiration from its very first apparel launch and looked to bring the essence and foundations of the brand to the world of watches for the first time.

Flash Alert The DW6900PF-1D features a flash alert function, which can be customised to flash and buzz with sounds for alarms and hourly time signals.

This timepiece is priced at RRP $269 AUD. Contact us to pre-order or for more info.



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