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Bearing the signature White Dot upon the clip of its cap, the Sheaffer Sagaris Ballpoint Pen, Gloss Black Featuring Gold Tone Trim is an excellent example of Sheaffer's dedication to instilling excellence in its products. Its design is simple but elegant, while the materials cooperate to create a combination that is greater than the sum of its parts. Black, glossy resin encase the entirety of the pen's length, accentuated at vital points with gold-finished metal bands. Due to using a ballpoint design, this pen is both more controllable and more reliable than its fountain pen counterparts. 


First founded in the state of Iowa, Sheaffer has expanded over the succeeding decades to reach markets both in the United States and elsewhere on the globe. Its fame is built on its products, which are known to possess an air of class and elegance while still remaining practical for everyday use. Sheaffer has managed to balance these qualities by constantly seeking out innovations and other ways to improve their writing instruments. 

Sheaffer Sagaris Gloss Black/Gold Tone Trim Ballpoint Pen


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