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First G-SHOCK, the brand that has constantly been testing the limits of timepiece toughness since 1983, released the GMW-B5000, an all-metal version that recreated the look of the very first G-SHOCK. Now comes the AWM-500 Series of new full-metal analog-digital models.

Based on the AW-500, G-SHOCK's first analog-digital combination timepiece that was released in 1989, these new full-metal models employ hard stainless steel material for their bezels and bands. Other features include screw-in backs and three-dimensional hour markers.

Function-wise, MULTIBAND 6 supports automatic time setting adjustment based on one of six time calibration signals around the globe for accurate timekeeping no matter where your travels take you. Other functions include Tough Solar in combination with CASIO original power-saving technology that delivers a stable supply of power, high-brightness Full Auto LED illumination, World Time, and more. In addition, the day of the week can be shown in any one of six different languages.*

* English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian

Analog Dial From variant hand shapes to decorative letters and numerals, design features of the first-generation analog model are reproduced in the AWM-500. Treated with a vapor deposition process, the dimensional index nicely matches the watch's metal exterior. Solid Stainless Steel Band The band features three-dimensional curvature up to the third increment. The original resin band's design is reproduced in metal, with its curved form lending a sense of unified identity with the case. Hairline and Mirror Finishes The watch features both line and round hairline finishes, as well as a mirror finish. Each finishing is applied to components on an individual basis to highlight their metallic textures.

Full Metal Shock-Resistant Structure Shock absorbing structure components made of fine resin are installed between the bezel and case. With its metal exterior in the original form of the first analog model, the watch realizes a shock-resistant structure. Solar Panels with Shadow-dispersing Solar Panel Converting light to energy, solar panels ensure stable operation of features such as signal reception. Even while the dial's rate of light transmittance may be low, the watch achieves the guarantee of sufficient electric power along with greater freedom in face design. Double High-brightness LED Lights LED lights with high luminance brightly illuminate the dial and LCD to ensure visibility in dimly lit locations. With the watch’s ability to sense light and darkness, a simple slant of the wrist will engage the LED lights.

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