G-Shock x WIDELIFE PROMISING Collaboration

G-Shock has bee collaborating and supporting various different environmental organisations since the end of 1990s. The new collab with WILDLIFE PROMISING (nonprofit organisation aka "NPO") who works towards the coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa, will focus on the "Love The Sea And The Earth" theme.

The designs are inspired by the skin pattern of the African rock python, which is the largest snake in Africa and a species registered as endangered wildlife under the Washington Convention. Base models are the MTG-B1000 and GST-B300, both of which are decorated with the African rock python pattern.

GST-B300WLP-1ADR RRP $829 MTG-B1000WLP-1ADR RRP $1999

The back of these models sport a "Love The Sea And The Earth" logo mark. Special packaging is also decorated with the African rock python motif.

Connected Engine supports time correction using a calibration signal and Bluetooth® connection. A Bluetooth® communication function makes it possible to connect with a smartphone running the G-SHOCK Connected app and obtain accurate time information from an on-line time server. MULTIBAND 6 automatically adjusts time settings based on reception of one of six calibration signals around the globe when you are within the range of a signal, even if connection with a smartphone is not possible for some reason (MTG-B1000WLP). All of this means that timekeeping is accurate, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

G-SHOCK is dedicated to the continued creation of models in collaboration with various environmental groups under the theme of "Love The Sea And The Earth".

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